As often as I can bring up a poem, it's done! So this is today's response to Nelley's search for her shoe... it wasn't meant to be a poetic post but apparently Kate started it all when she saw the purple flowers. And I love the idea, because as you may observe, you can create a rhyme in just about any matter...

Winter Owl red-shoe


Where's my shoe, where's my crimson shoe?
Is it anywhere in the snow among some blooms?

As I run in haste before the snow mound,
Its out there as it was reluctantly dropped.

I walked home barefoot as I heard a hoot
I was shocked so I run away from the brute

As days came about, as long nights hang on
As the moon shone bright and stars gave light

Under the hoot of an owl during long nights
The shoe grew part of nature's tender heights




(please continue the poem within the same topic)